The Stylist Handbook

the stylist handbook
The Stylist Handbook is NOT just a MAGAZINE!
It’s An Educational Styling Community.

Austin, Texas – (January 24th, 2013) - Recently acquired by fashion technology company, Fashion and Beauty Media, Inc., The Stylist Handbook has some MAJOR announcements to start the New Year off with STYLE! Editor In Chief of the Stylist Handbook, Devon Poer, said “I’m so excited about what is finally happening, really we are not just a magazine, the Stylist Handbook is a way of life, its about living with style and sharing it.” Furthermore, the company is also announcing their newest collaboration with design firm The Artistry Collective, co-founder Jason Clark expresses,“My partners and I are looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and making amazing Print and Interactive visuals for The Stylist Handbook. I personally am looking forward to bringing my 20 years in Graphic Design and 15 Years of professional Photography experience to the project.” Partner Scott McNeely is also excited to bring his Marketing, Web and Business Development experience as well.”

The Stylist Handbook is a quarterly publication whose mission is to gather a community of experts, muses, designers and artists that provide advice and recommendations on living with style – Our community focuses onimproving the quality of life through style while helping people get dressed with confidence. Our team of style experts are Fashion professionals who offer a unique perspective on style. Our style muses are Hollywood’s freshest talent in the entertainment industry with large fan followings, all extending the reach of The Stylist Handbook to literally millions of viewers.

What we offer FASHION DESIGNERS: Through Fashion and Beauty Media, Inc. designers have the opportunity to participate in activations and sponsorships through he Stylist Handbook community and events. Such as (1) stylists pulling products for placement (includes our immediate experts and larger community), (2) inclusion within the Stylist Handbook magazine and blog, which includes our newsletter as well and affiliate program to drive online sales (3) Mentions and tagging on social media such as facebook, twitter and Pinterest. (4) Placement of products on our style muses, includes celebrities, musicians, bloggers, and personalities. (5) Inclusion in our styling suites and parties that take place during key events all over the world. (6) Furthermore, access and resources within our network and community… that’s over 10,000 creative professionals. While also providing your contact information to our community, and ensuring your contact information is up-to-date based on our quarterly procedures. To request our designer deck please email:

### For more information on contributing, joining the community and/or sponsorship opportunities please contact or call us at 310 658 9000. ###

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