FashionPR Confidential: An Impeccable Opportunity

Written By: Kisatchy Le’stelle Owens


(Click Image to Enlarge) / Model wearing :”Vanessa Dress” by FROCK Los Angeles

FashionPR Confidential is offering an opportunity that I’m sure many self proclaimed, established and aspiring PR Executives could appreciate. March 2-3rd, a two-day intensive workshop “unlocking the secrets of PR” is being held in New York City. For many it’s a distant dream, a future plan, an event that someone such as myself dreams of attending, yet this dream is reality and if all goes well, not too far away, for the chance of winning a scholorship is up for grabs.

The question really isn’t why I think I should win because this opportunity goes far beyond satisfying personal achievements. With this scholarship, the recipient will be learning from industry professionals such as Danika Daly (Founder of Fashion PR Confidential and President of Danika Daly PR), Crosby Noricks (Founder of PR Couture, Alexis Rodriguez (Executive Director of Global Communications of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics & Founder of The PR Closet), and Samantha Lim (Fashion Writer, Stylist, & Digital Strategy Consultant); Women who personally inspire me to stand out, stay focused and to always have a plan.

During Summer/Fall 12, I had the opportunity to intern for “aLine Media” Public Relations in West Hollywood, CA. I felt at home at this fast paced environment and when my journey ended there, I knew it wasn’t a goodbye for I was taking the multiple of skills that I had acquired to new opportunities that soon followed. With fate by my side, within a few days of leaving aLine, I was offered a position to work with eco-friendly & sustainable brand FROCK Los Angeles by Victoria Tik in the Marketing & PR department where I am currently working and serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the FROCK Blog. Additionally, I have recently been accepted as an editor for “The Stylist Handbook“, a resource for stylists everywhere. All the while working another job and completing studies as an MFA “Fashion Journalism” major at the “Academy of Art University”.

Many call me busy, but my dedication to this industry and field goes unnoticed. My goal is to continue to work with these  emerging brands, networking and gaining suitable placement. It’s resources such as Fashion PR Confidential that offer empowering and significant resources that serve as guides, helping you achieve and take the next steps towards a successful career.

As you can see from my tribute collage, my bag is packed and like always,  I’m ready to WORK!


PR Letter of Reccomendation: 

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Kisatchy Owens.  Kisatchy Owens worked as a fashion and public relations intern at aLine media during the summer and fall of 2012, and I was her internship supervisor. aLine media is a leading entertainment and fashion public relations agency.

During the internship at aLine media, Kisatchy excelled at every task. Her primary responsibilities included research projects, celebrity gifting, event planning and executing, stylist/editors check-ins and check-outs, and creating press releases and product pitches.

Kisatchy fit well into our company culture. She caught on to tasks quickly, and thrived in the fast paced work environment. She was able to complete projects in a timely manner and approached challenges with a positive attitude. We even had Kisatchy assist in the training and supervising of other interns. Overall, we found Kisatchy to be extremely diligent and hardworking. We were very sad to leave her when her internship program concluded and would love to work with her again and would welcome her back to our company with open arms.

I give Kisatchy my highest recommendation. I am confident that she will be an asset to any organization or institution.


Bethany Morgante


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