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As Seen On: FROCK LA Blog



We’ve all heard the notorious phrase, “Two is better than One”, well in the case of our ANGIE dress, the statement couldn’t be more true. As seen on stunning brunette, Kathryn McCormick during her black carpet appearance at the “Breaking Dawn: Part II” premiere last November, it’s pretty obvious that the starlet glistened in red with the Angie’s low plunging neckline — which can also be reversed to showcase a higher neckline that equally provides an attractive appeal.

If you’ve been a fan of the Angie dress or have now made it a part of your wish-list, then you can see it doesn’t take much to accessorize a look that compliments you. With some classic open toe heels, statement cuff, dangling earrings and clutch, you’re sure to have a balance head to toe look with minimal effort.

Including a necklace is entirely up to you—but as you can see with Kathryn, when exposing the plunging neckline, a necklace is not exactly needed as the subtly reveal of skin provides a sophisticated sex appeal all on its own. Not to mention, you also have the option to reverse the plunge — letting your back also expose this loving detail.

Another shot of the beautiful Kathryn McCormick wearing FROCK LA, taking by our very own, Ian Maxion.


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