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Fashion Stylist & Journalist, Devon de la Poer talks personal style and shares the inside scoop on life as she lives it

In an industry where competition is plentiful, commitments to long hours and sleepless nights are embraced and the finished product is a reward within itself, the business of fashion has become home to a community of skilled and meticulous individuals. As they range from various backgrounds and take pride in their personal style which sole purpose is to set them a part from the rest, there clearly remains to be an expansion of impressive talent whose work is more than deserving of accolades. Amongst them is Fashion Stylist & Journalist, Devon de la Poer; a pioneer whose ongoing efforts have assisted in the launch of careers and have helped shaped the creative vision of various personalities and brands.

As every artist possesses his or her own story whose golden chapter is always the introduction to his or her journey, Devons’ is enriched with motivation, drive and support from many.


“I had just started my first semester studying fashion at a University in Seattle, WA (I’m from Southern California and I am a proclaimed nomad). I had no idea what I was going to do in fashion other then I loved marketing and business. I spent hours online reading and watching fashion! I got involved in whatever I could that was extracurricular in the fashion community and then I got asked to model. Which then turned into me wanting to style and produce. A semester later I was on a plane to London to study fashion styling for the summer. I trained under a noted fashion stylist and London Fashion Week producer / director. When I returned, I started my career with a blog and concept for an online magazine. The rest just snowed” expressed Poer.

That concept is none other than Devon’s pride and joy, The Stylist Handbook: fashion’s resource for living with style where she reigns as Editor-in-Chief. Introduced in 2010, the publication serves to be the ultimate guide where professionals come together through collaborative efforts for various projects and offer educational content to inspire and influence the fashion community.

As an influencer herself, one of her latest shoots with photographer, John Nguyen included her serving both as the model and stylist showcasing FROCK’s Liyah, double slitted maxi skirt in a classic black and white ensemble that speaks edgy and chic at the same time. While accessorized with minimal accessories including a geometric bracelet, statement ring and necklace, it’s the exposing of thigh-highs from the slits in the skirt, the strappy peep toe heels with gold details, the tying of the white blouse topped off with a black floppy hat that skillfully pull her look together. Poer effortlessly pays homage to the idea that women can exude sex appeal without baring it all as she confidently strikes her poses.

Captivated by her unconventional styling and presence, Devon de la Poer makes for an impressive style muse; one that embraces the FROCK philosophy and aesthetic in a way that is still unique to her. Possessing a multitude of other titles including a director, producer and consultant just to name a few, she has worked with and styled some of the most innovative and emerging talent out there. As an open invitation into her budding lifestyle, Devon shares her experiences and thoughts on fashion and beauty in an exclusive interview.


Kisatchy: As Editor in Chief of the Stylist Handbook, what initially sparked the idea to create the publication?

Devon de la Poer: The lack of information online. When I became a fashion stylist, there was very limited resources online that served or entertained the community of style professionals. I wanted to create a way to connect us and provide a resource for those who work in the industry and aspire to achieve style.

 K: Who do you consider to be a fashion icon and why?

DP: Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is my absolute icon and not just because of her taste and brand building skills, but because of her story. I hope one day my story will influence others to achieve their goals and dreams.

K: What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion? 

DP: Why isn’t this a bigger topic? I would love to see more people embrace this concept and take our global responsibilities to a new level when creating and manufacturing any type of fashion. I’m a big supporter of sustainability in all walks of life and believe we need to work harder to really create an impact towards more sustainable products and practices. If enough people request and require it then enough business will start to adopt it.

K: How does FROCK fit into your personal style?

DP: I love simple glamour and staple pieces. As a California girl, I love my cottons and bamboo cotton is amazingly soft and sustainable. A FROCK piece is something you know will last and will be easy to care for. I honestly always pack my FROCK pieces when I travel because it’s my go to for a dressed up or dressed down look that is easy or can be styled high for an expensive look.

K: What do you like most about fashion styling?

DP: Being creative, producing, seeing the completed story, image, video, issue, being in the action of an event or production; working with the people, the products, learning new things about myself and others. Playing adult dress up never get olds, I love to touch the clothing, fabrics, and jewelry; see how they were made, how they look and can be created in many ways. Being resourceful and having new experiences that can make you grow as a person and professional. I love it all or I wouldn’t do it, it’s my favorite challenge.

K: What do you like the least about it?

DP: The hard labor, being a pinball and driving from place to place to do pulls in traffic. Gotta love LA!

K: What does a typical day of work entail for a Fashion Stylist?

DP: There isn’t really a typical day in the life of a stylist. It changes from one week to the next. One day you’re home emailing, coordinating details, writing, taking calls, updating your portfolio, doing marketing and social media. The next you’re  in meetings or fittings with clients,  pulling wardrobe, on location or at an event. The days and night just run into each other, there is no 9 to 5.

K: Describe the creative process when sourcing inspiration for a client. 

DP: When working with a celebrity client or on an editorial, getting as many details about the vision, likes, dislikes, inspiration, doing your own research, communicating that and then you have to go through the approval process.

K: What’s it like working with celebrities? Name a few of your most memorable experiences.

DP: My first celebrity client was Radha Mitchell (Red Widow, Man of Fire, Silent Hill), she was just a lot of fun, actually all of them have been a lot of fun. Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory), April Bowlby (Two and Half Men), Mariana Klaveno (True Blood, Devious Maids), Kate Kelton (Haven), Lexi Ainsworth (All My Children)…. I could go on.

K: In terms of your background in journalism, how do you feel this area has played a role in your styling career? 

DP: It all goes hand in hand. I feel being a journalist is a mind set and being a stylist is about having that “eye”, especially for written or visual content, you have to grab the right attention and influence a higher impact of value on the follower. Working in the ever evolving magazine business, it’s not just a print world anymore, you’re working on both sides of the spectrum, you’re an online marketer, you have to know how to market a product or a person. Being a journalist in fashion and beauty media gives you the opportunity to style and learn the trade.

K: Name 5 of your Beauty Must-Haves. 

DP: Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads, DSD Dermabalance Spot Treatment, Black Eyeline Liqne Graphique de Chanel, Dior Black Mascara, Covergirl Outlast

K: What trend are you most excited about for F/W 13? 

DP: I love coats, and big structured coats are very in this season, so I’m looking forward to layering up and wrapping myself in a big chic coat.

To stay connected and learn more about Devon & The Stylist Handbook visit:

Twitter & Instagram: @devonpoer

Twitter: @stylist_book Instagram: @thestylisthandbook


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