Get The Look: Valentine Sweetheart

Written By: Kisatchy Le’stelle Owens / As Seen On: The FROCK Blog
GTL-Valentine Sweetheart

February 14th is just around the corner and whether you’re dateless or not, FROCK is here to transform you into the ultimate ”Valentine Sweetheart”. In this featured look we took our “Nicole” dress which is a perfect choice for an evening out and highlighted it with some must-have essentials. Wear it solely by itself or incorporate a complimentary outwear piece, either way the purpose is to reveal a look that is unique to you.

A splash of color never hurts and in this case we chose a vibrant red blazer to play into the theme of “LOVE”. Tie in some key accessory pieces with of course a girls best-friend; signature pumps.

As if things couldn’t get better as you prepare for the BIG day, we’re offering a TAX-FREE purchase and 10% OFF as of NOW, when you sign up for our newsletter (see details here). Visit to find your Valentine’s day dress NOW & don’t hesitate to tweet or tag us on twitter & instagram with your finished look. We’d LOVE to see it!!!


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