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MUA, Jenny Black touching up Irina during the FROCK LA S/S 14' shoot.

MUA, Jenny Black touching up Irina during the FROCK LA S/S 14′ shoot.

This past April, the FROCK Los Angeles team set out to find our new face for the S/S 14′ campaign – and what better way to do it than with holding an open casting call, our first one at that. The response we received was astonishing as so many FROCK hopefuls waisted no time as they filled our inbox with their information and portfolios. As the submissions came pouring in, I can honestly say that I instantly knew it would be a tough decision when it came to narrowing down to our next face.

When it came to the actual casting, So many amazing girls showed up. The multiple vibrant personalities, memorable smiles and beauty was captivating. Who would be our next girl? I thought. But when it was all said and done, we had her –  100% Russian bombshell, Irina Estyunina.

The campaign has been shot but the journey of our NEW face is not over. So without further ado, I feel it’s only fitting that insight be provided into who Irina is as a person. Here’s what she had to say:

Photographer, Ian Maxion shooting Irina

Photographer, Ian Maxion shooting Irina

Kisatchy: How long have you been modeling?

Irina:  It was a hobby at first for couple years and now it’s been my full-time job for over a year.

Kisatchy: So what is it about modeling that captivates you?

Irina: Modeling/Photography is a way of art where I can show my inner personality. What captivates me? Hmmm… Once when I was in kindergarden, I told my mom that I would become a model and I did. But the thing is…it wasn’t my goal, it just happened. Maybe I was dreaming about it too much when I was a kid.

Kisatchy: What was it that led you to participate in FROCK’s open casting?

Irina: First thing I did – I checked FROCK’s website and I was amazed by the style; So I thought it would be interesting to try myself in it.

Kisatchy: Out of all the girls, you were chosen to be the face of FROCK’s S/S 14′ campaign. How did you feel when hearing the news?

Irina: I was surprised and proud at the same time.

Accessories for the S/S 14' campaign

Accessories for the S/S 14′ campaign

Kisatchy: What was your experience like working with the FROCK team?

Irina: I felt like I already knew you guys; Professional team, super easy and fun atmosphere. What else does a model need?

Kisatchy: Any advice for other girls looking to score a campaign feature and or begin their career in modeling?

Irina: For those who are dreaming about modeling career, don’t think it’s easy – know exactly what do you want and be yourself.

Kisatchy:  A part from modeling, describe a typical day for Irina.

Irina:  I love to explore the life and places around me. I’m obsessed with traveling; for me it is the best way of spending my time. I love nature, so I camp a lot. I’m also active in sports for sure; I do snowboard and skateboard.

A flawless look for Irina through MUA. Jenny Black's makeup application

A flawless look for Irina through MUA. Jenny Black’s makeup application

Connect with Irina:

 Facebook | Model Mayhem | Instagram

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