NYE : Dress Accordingly


There’s no denying that around this time every year, we’re usually looking forward to a fresh start. Jotting down our resolutions seem to come at ease and let’s be honest — for many of us — every year, is truly our year. With that being said, it should come as no surprise why as women, we take looking for the perfect NYE dress very serious. For us, it’s our moment of truth; A moment that signifies our commitment to ringing in the new year feeling and looking absolutely amazing.


Whether you plan on spending an evening with your significant other, best pals, or a combination of both — invest in what we like to call, the ‘it’ dress. You want a dress that can be worn multiple times, to different occasions. One that can be sported throughout the years — consistently holding its own, while adapting to your personal style. Thanks to the creative genius behind our designs (Victoria, FROCK Los Angeles’ CEO/Designer), we have plenty of stylish numbers for you to choose from.


From boho to glam, your perfect dress is just a click away…

Take a peek and shop our full collection HERE!

Lastly, be sure to share and tag your fab NYE look on Instagram using #FROCKLA.


Kisatchy Owens


*Images courtesy of Brigade Magazine feat. FROCK Los Angeles

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