Simply Stylist: 2nd Annual LA Fashion & Beauty Panel Event

Written By: Kisatchy Le’stelle Owens | As Seen On: the Stylist Handbook

Brad Goreski, Louise Roe, Aimee Song, Whitney Port, Catt SadlerPhoto Credit: Vivien Killilea

Brad Goreski, Louise Roe, Aimee Song, Whitney Port, Catt Sadler
Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

On Saturday, March 23rd, the ladies of the the Stylist Handbook came together to show their support and attend Simply Stylist’s 2nd Annual Fashion & Beauty Panel Event held in Hollywood at the prominent Siren Studios. Alongside myself, I was joined by TSH’s Editor-in-Chief, Devon de la Poer, Beauty Expert, Lyndsay Michelle and Shoe Expert, Tina Nabati of ShoeQueendom.

Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

The day was enthused with fashion, beauty, learning, shopping and a networking luncheon sponsored by Hautelook. Tips and stories from some of the industries most renowned tastemakers topped off with complimentary cocktails from VeeV Vita Frute made the event an exhilarating experience.Undoubtedly, efforts were appreciated by many who made up the stylish audience as they sat with all eyes and ears open, fixated on what we can safely say-  some of their BIGGEST inspirations. The goodie bags and New Beauty Magazine that graced each seat also did a phenomenal job at keeping spirits high and entertained.

Founder Sarah Pollack Boyd and her Simply Stylist team called upon the presence of E! News’ Catt Sadler whose vibrant personality shined through and made everyone feel right at home as she hosted the event. Periodically, Sadler took questions from the audience who tweeted the panels their virtual inquiries signed with the infamous hashtag- #SSLA.

Speakers that made up the fashion panel included: fashion designer- Whitney Port, fashion blogger- Aimee Song, celebrity stylistBrad Goreski, style expert- Louise Roeand fashion editor- Melissa Magsasay. The beauty panel consisted of: Celebrity Hair Stylist- Scotty Cunha, Beauty Editor- Susan Yara, Beauty Expert- Tracy O Connor, Beauty Entrepreneur- Suzie Kim, and Beauty Blogger- Natalie Alcala. Celebrity Stylist Jacqueline Rezak was also present, giving VIP attendees the opportunity to be styled during the shopping event that offered up to 75% off the brands showcased. Amongst those brands wereSoho BeautyWhitney EveDip in L.A.2020AVE. 

 Tracy O Connor, Natalie Alcala, Susan Yara, Scotty Cunha, Sara Boyd, Suzie KimPhoto Credit: Vivien Killilea

Tracy O Connor, Natalie Alcala, Susan Yara, Scotty Cunha, Sara Boyd, Suzie Kim
Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

One thing that can be agreed upon by all the panelist is thatthey didn’t get where they are today without hard work, consistency and the determination to succeed. “Live every day to the fullest and be the best that you can be in your job. Be as creative as you can, because you could lose that job the next day- this also will allow you to rise in what you are good at. The fashion world is too competitive and those who are giving their 100% everyday will continue to succeed” noted Goreski as he explained his tips on staying relevant and being good at whatever it is that you do.

Fashion Panel Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

Fashion Panel | Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

As a makeup artist, beauty editor Susan Yara didn’t know that she would actually end up being immersed in the industry. In fact, she stated that she originally started as a news editor who scored her first job in New York. When working for, she wrote about lifestyle and began to experience the transition when she became their host. When she eventually moved to Los Angeles, she worked for Total Beauty and then Pop Sugar writing beauty editorials. Currently, she is serving as the Editorial Director of Video & Interactive for New Beauty TV. She emphasized that, “Internships are a serious need in the beauty industry, and learning from the actual experts themselves. When you intern around experts it is always great to get to know their talents and the do’s and don’ts to beauty essentials. However- in general hard work is what you need.”

Personally, I applauded the panels, for many expressed that doing work for FREE leads to other opportunities. It’s a given that in order to succeed in your field, you can’t expect to have anything handed to you. However you go about getting the experience needed, whether it consist of a paycheck or not it all benefits you in more ways than one.

Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

Beauty Panel | Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

As the discussions progressed, the panelist were asked about their thoughts on this years Spring/Summer trends in fashion and beauty. Designer and TV personality, Whitney Port favors the classic “Black & White” trend.Pairing a simple white tee with a black blazer is what she calls the “Universal Look”, stating it’s chic and forever.

“It seems as gloss is taking a backseat and the matte lip is in- is this true?” asked Cat Sadler. 

“Absolutely and I love putting a balm on the night before to make your lips plump and ready for non cracked lips. This will assist with color. There are many brands coming out with a creamy matte color, but the worst is matte lipstick with cracked lips so it is so important to moisturize with a lip balm the night before. I love the bright oranges right now” said Beauty Entrepreneur, Suzie Kim. It didn’t hurt that Sadler herself was rocking a phenomenal red-orange hue that coincided with one of the seasons most anticipated comebacks.

After all was said and done, both the panelist and attendees couldn’t help but indulge in all the excitement that the “Designer Shopping Event” offered.

Take a peak at some of the items that were catching their eyes:

Aimee Song with TSUBO booties | Catt Sadler checking out 2020Ave | Brad Goreski chatting it up with Soho BeautyPhoto Credit: Vivien Killilea

Aimee Song with TSUBO booties | Catt Sadler checking out 2020Ave | Brad Goreski chatting it up with Soho Beauty | Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea


On behalf of the Stylist Handbook team, I will say that we exude nothing but positive feedback forSimply Stylist. Our time was well spent and each of us went home with a smile on our face. We want to thankSarah Boyd for the opportunity and encourage our community of creatives to stay connected with this brand.


To learn more about Simply Stylist visit:

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