TSH: Volume 4 | Emerging Talent Preview Party

As Seen On: The Stylist Handbook


Join us April 13th @ 7:30pm for a Private Preview at the beautiful Les Noches du Figaro in Downtown Los Angeles and receive the opportunity to become one of the new members of the Stylist Handbook Community.

- This will be the night to find out more about the Stylist Handbook’s new membership website, magazine and career opportunities.

- By purchasing a ticket you will receive an honorary “Beta membership” to the Stylist Handbook’s coming website and magazine. Saving yourself up to 50% on the “Full membership” happening in late May.

- By also attending the party you will have the opportunity to meet featured talent, network with professionals in the fashion and beauty industry, as well as a special performance from one of our featured Volume 4 musicians.

- Always free goodies, food and drinks too!




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