Victoria Tik Talks Major Changes Headed To FROCK LA

The thing about change is that it heightens the excitement of any creative process. I had the pleasure of catching up with FROCK’s very own Creative Director—the ever so stylish and charming, Victoria Tik—to discuss the brand’s transition into offering custom orders. While we couldn’t hold off any longer to share the news—who better than the designer herself to provide insight on our new chapter (beginning Wednesday, September 3, 2014).

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victoria tik

What sparked the idea to transition into custom orders?

Victoria: Nobody else is making custom sustainable gowns and for a while we weren’t able to focus on that aspect of the business, but we have a great team in place and are eager and excited to work with people for their really special events and days. Nothing else feels better than helping someone build their most confident self on a day that really matters.

Do you feel this transition will provide a more personal relationship between the brand and clientele?

Victoria: Absolutely! I had the privilege of doing a few custom wedding dresses this year and the experience was so incredible. I almost feel like I’m a guest at their wedding and the photos always blow me away.

Describe the process. How does one go about ordering a custom FROCK?

Victoria: Typically there is a Q and A process, we want to make sure we can supply what the client wants (and we have a clear understanding of what’s to be achieved). Once the logistics are settled we begin the work right here in L.A. The client can be anywhere, we just take measurements, photos, everything we need via the web. We DO NOT copy other designer’s work so if someone asks us for a copy of so and so’s branded piece, we don’t do work like that. We work off of our own designs but we can tailor them to suit the client in terms of design changes, fabric selection, color, sizing, etc.

Let’s talk about timing. With the holidays around the corner, what makes a custom design the perfect gift?

Victoria:Custom work means that someone really payed a great deal of attention and wanted someone special to have a garment unlike anyone else’s. I think it’s the ultimate fairy tale, when you’re surprised with a gorgeous dress and a fabulous date to wear it on!

Lastly, going forward — what else can the eco-fashion world expect from FROCK Los Angeles in the future?

Victoria: We’re working hard on the jewelry collection and building on to our store to include accessories and later on gifts as well as lifestyle goods.


Kisatchy Owens

Editor in Chief (FROCK Los Angeles)

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